Habor Academy Curriculum


At Habor Academy, we believe in integrating the best American practices with the traditional Chinese values. Apart from theoretical knowledge, our teaching methods as well as our textbook collections emphasize on the application of knowledge, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Our curriculum is designed to address the different stages of learning in our students’ lives.


Learning at Harbor Academy continues in our extracurricular program. Neighboring the unique Wutong Arts and cultural Village, we bring the artists to our classrooms, and classrooms to life.  The extracurricular program aims to motivate students to engage in all kinds of hands on activities; to build a sense of student commitment and community, fostering social skills and collaboration.








Elementary School Curriculum


The Elementary School at Habor Academy includes grades 1 through 5. Our commitment is to challenge our students intellectually, help them grow socially, guide them toward independent thinking, and develop advanced problem-solving skills. These skills will help prepare them not only for our excellent Secondary program but also for life in the future.


Students spend 3~4 periods a day studying Language Arts with a native English speaker who is also a certified elementary school teacher.  “Our World” published by National Geographic Learning is our choice of English textbook.  “Our World” consists of age-appropriate National Geographic content, especially in the areas of human and social geography, that motivates and excites young students and helps them use English as a tool to learn about and interact with the world. In addition to English, students have Chinese and Mathematics once a day that follow strictly with the Chinese national curriculum.  Even with the strong emphasis on English language study, we do not wish students to replace Chinese with English. We want students to be bilingual from a young age. Students also have Physical Education, Music and Art each twice a week.





彩经网官网学校小学部包含1 ~ 5年级。学生每天在老师的带领下学习3 ~ 4个小时英语。学校聘请的老师都有教师资格证并且他们的母语都是英语。我们的英语教材是由美国国家地理学习出版的 “Our World”。“Our World”是一套适合小学阶段使用的综合性英语教材。书中有趣又真实的国家地理内容,能够激发学生的学习动力,让英语成为学习知识和与世界互动的工具。除了英语课,每天开设的一节语文课和一节数学课都严格遵循中国教育大纲的要求。即使我们着重强调英语学习,但我们并不希望学生用英语取代汉语而是有能力双语交流。


Middle School Curriculum


The Middle School at Habor Academy includes grades 6 through 8. The Middle School program has been developed to meet the specific needs of this unique group of students creating a bridge between Elementary School and High School. Students remain in Homeroom groupings while rotating through subject classes taught by Middle School subject teachers. Dual Educational System is being implemented into our middle school program. At Habor Academy, students have the luxury of following either the Chinese National Curriculum to prepare themselves for Zhong Kao, or the American Common Core Curriculum in order to continue their post-secondary education in America or having a taste of both educational systems.


Our English textbook “Impact” by National Geographic Learning helps teenagers to better understand themselves, each other, and the world they live in. National Geographic Explorers are included in every chapter of the book. They are featured as role models who embody the 21st century skills and values. Cross-curricular topics engage students with stimulating information about the world, better preparing them for future academic success.   




彩经网官网学校初中部包含6 ~ 8年级。初中课程以满足这一特定年龄段群体的需求而设置,为衔接小学和高中做稳固的桥梁。学生们既在本班教室学习,同时也走班学习其他课程。我们初中贯彻双轨教育体制。学生既可以学习中国国内课程后参加中考,也可学习美国核心課程體系课程为今后去美国学习做准备,或者同时体验中美两种教育体系。


我们采用的英语教材是由美国国家地理学习出版社出版的“Impact” 。它帮助青少年更好地了解自己,了解彼此及他们生活的世界。这套教材的每个单元都引入一个国家地理探险家的故事。他们的真实经历为青少年成为具有领导力的世界公民树立良好的榜样。书中文章具有极强的学科交叉性,在学习英语的同时,学生也能了解到有趣的科学及人文知识。



High School Curriculum


The High School program, which begins in Grade 9, leads to the American High School Diploma and, in turn, for our graduates, acceptance into universities throughout the world. Habor Academy graduates are well-prepared for post-secondary education and are actively recruited by universities in America because of the well-rounded education they have received. Students are required, in addition to completing mandatory credits, to become active members in the community by completing a minimum of 40 community service hours, and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.


Literacy plays an important role in the High School program across all subjects and the development and improvement of literacy skills are integrated into all courses. In addition, our English as a Second Language (ESL) Program has been developed to meet the needs of those students who prepare themselves for international standardized testing. Through immersion in the ESL Program, High School students are able to work towards attaining credits for graduation while developing the English literacy skills that are necessary to succeed in meeting curriculum expectations at grade level.


The emphasis on developing literacy skills is further implemented in Public Speaking, a required course to take at Habor Academy. We choose “Keynote” as our instructional guide.  “Keynote” is the result of collaboration between “National Geographic Learning” and “TED Talks.” Featuring remarkable people communicating passionately and persuasively, TED Talks provides inspiring ideas and an unparalleled source of authentic language.  “Keynote” invites students to explore life-changing stories for a deeper understanding of the world, developing the confidence and skills needed to express themselves powerfully and proficiently in English.











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